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Students' Forum Business Centre Club

Who are we

Studenckie Forum Business Centre Club is an organization of passionate and ambitious young people, who wish to improve their entrepreneurship skills. Our organization was founded over 10 years ago, thanks to Business Center Club, the biggest private employer in Poland.

We wish to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young people and encourage them to evaluate their own career path as entrepreneurs. We assist them to find their strongest abilities that they posses and improve them to attain future success. In 10 years we were able to create 20 regional offices which involve over 450 members.
With our Projects we are able to reach over 100 000 students each year.


The Mission of SF BCC is to promote the idea of entrepreneurship amongst young people in Poland. In our initiatives we want to show the world, that passion, ambition and hard work should be valuable features not only for us, but also our colleagues. The path that we have chosen is difficult, but the finałl effects give as always a lot of satisfaction.


  • Giving the chance of realizing dreams – becoming future entrepreneurs.
  • Changing the mentality of young Poles regarding their possible positions in the market reality.
  • Creating entrepreneurial attitude amongst young people in Poland.
  • Delivering economical and practical knowledge about business in an interesting way.
  • Promoting companies and institutions which support early start-ups by giving them the oppurnity to contact each other.
  • Educating young managers in the most effective way.
  • Creating opportunities of development in SF BCC partnership companies.
  • Organizing projects promoting entrepreneurship.


Festiwal Przedsiębiorczości BOSS is a well know country-wide project, which is popularly called and described as the Festival of Students Entrepreneurship. It is one of the largest and most popular initiatives of this kind in the whole country. The Festival lasts for two weeks in the biggest and most prestigious academic centers in Poland.


  • conferences
  • speakers and students discussions
  • professional, valuable trainings and workshops about the economy, management ‘soft skills’ and start-up business knowledge
  • special events, which show entrepreneurship in a new, friendly and active way (golf, dancing shows, flair shows).

Inteligencja Finansowa is a project aimed at young people entering the world of adults – students, who have a chance to think about their future right now. Gaining first money should come together with an idea how to multiply the capital. The goal of the project is to abandon the stereotype of a student, who is not wealthy and does not yet know how to invest money. We want to show how easily and effectively can they find their first money for business initiatives – in students loans or summer work. The ability to show how many possibilities there are in the surrounding world is our strength. We want to pass that power to young Poles and see their careers being build. The project is also a great opportunity to get to know with the ideas of our school colleagues. Financial Intelligence gathers over 1500 students from all over the country – future entrepreneurs, participants aware of the economy.

Najlepsze zajęcia z przedsiębiorczości.

This project is aimed at pupils at a high schools.

Our goals is to create a countrywide contest in which young people from all over the country could try their sense of business and practically see what entrepreneurship is all about. We believe that their fresh attitude will be effective for the whole society. The participants have an opportunity to gain practical business knowledge. They must get to know with documents about business start-ups and learn how to work in create a team and work in groups. The teams are build of 3 pupils, who at the first stage compete with other teams from the region. The best one gets to the final round, where the competition will be between the best 20 teams. The project is in partnership with the Ministry of National Education.

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