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(6 semesters) – full-time mode (week), extra-mural mode (weekends)

Cosmetology graduates gain interdisciplinary knowledge of medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, formula and technology of dermatological medicines and cosmetics, quality control and marketing of body care and beauty products.

They also acquire the skill of selecting and applying professional cosmetic, physiotherapeutic, care and beauty treatments. Based on the proper analysis of the skin condition and its needs they know how to use suitable forms and types of cosmetics. They can interpret cosmetics formulas and apply them appropriately.

Having the basic IT knowledge they are able to operate modern cosmetic equipment and devices compatible with computer systems. Cosmetology graduates are familiar with figure styling and know how to choose a colour palette; they also have the basic knowledge of marketing helpful while running one’s own business operation. They may easily find employment in cosmetics manufacturing plants, laboratories, biological regeneration studios, cosmetic companies, in the fields such as distribution and sale of cosmetics or studies in cosmetic products application. They are also prepared to set up and run their own beauty salons.

Cosmetology and biological regeneration

Graduates gain additional knowledge of health promotion and biological regeneration, management of biological regeneration centres, customer service standards. They become familiar with the organ topography and interdependencies existing between human organism systems. They learn to choose the right methods and techniques of treatment depending on the age, health condition and safety. While studying this specialization they are taught how to properly choose, plan and apply relaxation treatments. They learn to professionally operate modern devices used in biological regeneration processes. Being familiar with causes and effects of faulty posture they can examine the right posture and also identify the need to shape the right posture. They are qualified to develop a proper programme of exercises that eliminate faulty posture and maintain the correct figure. They also learn about unconventional cosmetic techniques such as aromatherapy, and acquire the skill of applying music therapy in biological regeneration processes.

Graduates may organize services focused on health condition improvement and biological regeneration with use of various techniques and devices.

The knowledge acquired entitles graduates to provide biological regeneration services in biological regeneration studios, sanatoriums, holiday centres, SPA resorts as well as in physical education and tourism institutions, and run their own biological regeneration studios.

Applied cosmetology

The objective of this specialization is to prepare highly qualified professional applied cosmetology staff.

Owing to the education received graduates also possess qualifications necessary for effective planning and intentional application of body care, health and beauty treatments. They are prepared to provide practical and effective beauty care, stop the ageing processes and promote health prevention. They acquire knowledge of modern cosmetics and their effects, general and topical dermatological treatment of selected types of chronic dermatitis, as well as the impact of physical factors on the basic functions of the organism and pathologic processes.

Graduates get to know unconventional cosmetics techniques such as aromatherapy and homeopathy and main principles of healthy eating important for health prophylaxis. They are taught how to provide professional help to clients both with healthy and problematic types of skin. They can give advice to the extent of conservative and decorative cosmetics, gather information on novelties and development trends in cosmetics and cosmetology, use professional Polish and foreign-language literature.

Graduates are familiar with different make-up techniques. They know how to choose preparations suitable for different skin types and make-up styles. They are able to apply make-up matching a person’s image, figure and occasion. They also have the skill of correcting and exposing certain face elements. By implementing the knowledge of figure styling they know how to choose the right colour, cut and pattern of fabrics. Applied cosmetology graduates may find employment in cosmetics manufacturing plants, laboratories, cosmetic companies, media, and even in such fields as distribution and sale of cosmetics or studies in cosmetic products application. Applied cosmetology syllabus reasonably combines theory and professional practice, prepares future graduates for the profession and starting their own business operation.