Information Technology



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Information Technology

Graduate Studies Programme (Master Degree)

(3 semesters) – Full-time mode (week) and Extra-mural (weekends)

Specialized subjects from the very first semester:


The syllabus of this major is focused on issues related to programming and management of databases. Students can familiarize with the latest databases systems of general  and all-purpose use which makes them perfect employees in companies storing, archiving and processing huge amounts of information.

Audiovisual Engineering

Audiovisual engineering is a unique specialization on the educational market. Students gain real, practical skills in the field  of audiovisual production. It gradually introduces specifications of multimedia production (preparation of materials, production   and post-production) of different audiovisual forms such as:

Software Engineering

This major is a perfect choice for the really creative IT personnel. Graduates are ready to create, upgrade and analyze information systems at different levels of support – starting with system programming, through component and object programming and finishing with the management of programmers’ teams  and writing software specifications and manuals. They will learn both the leading methods and techniques of tackling software engineering issues and how to manage and administer programming projects.

Information Systems in Management

This specialization prepares students to create and use programming issues effectively to deal with organization and management of big corporations, banking and industry sectors. Graduates are able to work on their own in order to implement and exploit information systems creatively in these areas.

Network Infrastructure Management

This specialization is dedicated to students who are interested in a position of a network administrator. It teaches students to design, create, maintain and upgrade existing networks.        The course is constantly updated to meet the needs and requirements of the demanding market.

Computer Graphics

This specialization is targeted at students who want to gain knowledge in the area of graphics design, Internet applications  and website designing.

Postgraduate Programme (Master Degree)

e-learning in two different specializations:

Network Infrastructure Management