Cosmetology - 2nd cycle studies



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Cosmetology - 2nd cycle studies

General graduate profile

Persons graduating from the Cosmetology major will have inter-disciplinary knowledge within the scope of medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, drug formulary and technology for dermatological medicines and cosmetics, quality control and marketing of body care products.

They will be able to select and apply professional cosmetic, physiotherapeutic, body care and beautifying treatments. On the basis of a correct assessment of skin condition and needs, they will be able to apply correct forms and types of cosmetics. They will also be able to read cosmetic formulas and apply them accordingly.

They will be able to operate state-of-the-art beauty treatment equipment and, having basic IT knowledge, beauty treatment devices compatible with computer systems. Graduates will be proficient in body styling and selecting an applicable colour palette. They will also acquire basic knowledge of marketing enabling them to run a company. Graduates will find employment in beauty parlours, laboratories, health spas and cosmetic companies in such fields as distribution and sales of cosmetics or application tests for cosmetic products. They will be able to establish and run own beauty parlours.