Art Design - 2nd cycle studies



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Art Design - 2nd cycle studies

The recruitment process for the two-year second-cycle Art Design major studies is conducted on the basis of the diplomas confirming graduation from first-cycle studies plus a recruitment interview combined with reviewing candidate's work.

Students graduate from Art Design major studies with an M.A. degree. The curriculum focuses on comprehensive development of students' creative personalities and providing them with new, additional artistic skills as well as a broad range of knowledge regarding the Humanities.

Graduates will have extended knowledge regarding the function of the history of art in the culture and society. They will be well-prepared to take advantage of both traditional and modern artistic media and able to perform independent artistic and design work in such institutions as: publishing houses, press and electronic media, exhibition institutions and cultural-educational institutions.

Classes on photography, video, graphic arts and computer animation will prepare students to work in graphic arts, animation and advertising agencies, TV studios, press and book publishing houses as well as in education and educational centres.

The studies provide students with diversified development of professional and social competences, preparing them to individual activities and teamwork and giving them tools facilitating effective orientation on the market, both in the theoretical and practical sphere. They also prepare them to conduct art classes in elementary and middle schools.

Students graduating from our specialisations will be prepared to continue the learning process during 3rd cycle studies (Ph.D.) or selected post-graduate studies.

Available specialisations

  • Workshop Art Design

  • Art Design Techniques

Our education concept extends the participation of modern media in the area of general artistic creation through providing intermedia based on broadly-defined inclusion of modern media into painting or sculpting creation processes. During the studies, we particularly focus on designing elements of computer games as well as advertising graphic arts and photography.


The M.A. thesis consists of three parts: graphic art work - workshop art design, art design techniques or multimedia art design; appendix concerning visual creation work; written work on history and theory of art (topics similar to the practical work topics).